It’s the perceived wisdom here in Cumbria that if you want first class creative services you have to go cap-in-hand to the Big City agencies.

Here at Pink Tulip we’re determined to prove the perceived wisdom wrong.

Anything is possible when collective creativity is given a chance, as our new video for Carlisle-based building firm Northern Developments proves.

From the initial concept to the spectacular finished product, The Blank Page is 100 per cent made in Cumbria. It was scripted, storyboarded, filmed and edited by the team here at Warwick Mill. Local acting talent was recruited from Phil McKay’s Lakeside Castings agency. The CGI effects were created by Lou Kneath at Cloudscape in Carlisle.

Yes, we’ve made corporate videos in the past – but we were determined to do something radically different from the traditional office-based, “talking heads” promos.

And we’ll be honest: it was a major departure for Liquid Studios. It took us out of our own comfort zone and presented a series of unique challenges.

But we knew that by harnessing the creative talent on our own doorstep, we could overcome anything.

None of this would have been possible without our client Northern Developments, however. Originally, they only wanted a new website! But it was they who listened to our ideas and decided to take a punt on an ambitious local agency when the perceived wisdom would have seen them heading to Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow or London.

“We are a proud Cumbrian company that believes in the process of creative collaboration,” said Northern Developments managing director Martyn Boak.

“Liquid Studios presented us with an imaginative and ambitious video concept, at a realistic price, and we were more than happy to invest in it. We are delighted with the results and hope this project sends out a positive message about the creative potential on our own doorstep.”